Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Delta at University of Central Oklahoma


Sisterhood: a group of girls who are bonded together for a lifetime of building memories. Alpha Xi's sisterhood is as unique as every beautiful woman that is a part of it. That's why we take the time out of our busy lives to go to our SISTERHOOD RETREATS. They are so that we can make our bond even stronger. There is nothing like growing closer with your sisters through laughter, tears, and food! There is something about being able to play games and laugh at each other (oh wait I mean with!) that let's us learn so much about the other women who have the same values as you. However, the greatest relationships are those between friends who aren't not scared to let their walls down and allow others to see the true them. The part of them that they don't want to face alone: whether it's a battle with depression or a death in the family or anything in between. That's what Alpha Xi is, it's a group of strong women who know the power of watching out for each other and always willing to help each other. So through our laughter and our tears we are reminded of what it means to be an Alpha Xi Delta.